Book Review of From Dead to Worse (Sookie Stackhouse, Bk 8)

From Dead to Worse (Sookie Stackhouse, Bk 8)
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Let me first say I thoroughly enjoyed this book. That said, I found it a bit disjointed, with less continuity and flow than previous volumes in the series, kind of like a "Series of Unfortunate Supernatural Events and Revelations". Sookie also seems a bit more tired and jaded, understandably so. It also feels like the author is not sure what direction she wants to take Sookie's love life, but I've enjoyed every turn it's taken so far (I just hope she doesn't venture into Sam territory). I do feel a bit sorry for Quinn here, as abruptly as he was dumped, but I can understand why she had to do it (any woman with a monster MIL would understand). But what was the real zinger for me that got me terribly excited for the next volume was the end, with Sookie's discovery of her cousin Hadley's child. I'm eager to see where she takes that story arc!