Book Review of Avenger (Ben Sylvester, Bk 3)

Avenger (Ben Sylvester, Bk 3)
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This is Book Three.
From the back cover: "After a six-month leave of absence spent recovering from a bullet wound, political consultant Ben Sylvester has returned to the field. This time, he's been hired to help organize a fair election in Central America. But when the country's supervisory committee turns out to be a sham, and after yet another attempt upon his life, Ben considers resigning from Libertec for good.
Leaving his life of danger isn't that easy, however. As Ben soon discovers, the threat of evil is already alarmingly close to home. And there is nothing he wants more than to unmask the plot's mastermind and bring him to justice.
Will Ben Sylvester learn to trust that God will avenge injustice, or will bitterness consume his soul as he attempts to become his own 'Avenger'?"