Book Review of Blood Lite: An Anthology of Humorous Horror Stories

Blood Lite: An Anthology of Humorous Horror Stories
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The beginning was awesome! The Ungrateful Dead sounded like an episode of Charmed and I want to look up Kelley Armstrong to see what else she has written.

Mr. Bear was stupidthe gist of it: Smokey the Bear cant handle celebrity life, so he becomes a serial killer and a bisexual serial rapist.

Hell in a Handbasket by Lucien Soulban made me laugh. Somission accomplished something in this book made me laugh! What made me laugh: One of the characters named Furfur made me think Disney rather than a minion of Hellwell wait until you find out what happens to him. What else: A quote from the Big J: I never had children. Yeah, right, one of the angels quipped before groaning. (Pg. 87)

I didnt know any of the characters or storyline from The Eldritch Pastiche from Beyond the Shadow of Horror, but enjoyed reading it because of writing like: This was like a rejection letter from reality itself. (Pg. 100) and I knew I could only write the same basic idea over and over, I would just go on and on and on- (Pg. 96)

With that last thought on the mindwriting the same basic idea over and overWell perhaps that sums up Elvis Presley and the Bloodsucker Blues, No Problem, Old School, and The Sound of Blunder. Well if Abe Lincoln can become a vampire hunter, why cant Elvis Presley? No Problem is the reincarnation of Frankenstein via a future relative instead of Victor himself and you guessed it he redoes his ancestors experiments and everything goes from bad to worse from there. Old School is the typical story from a Jr. High School kids creative writing class. A bunch of kids go to a cemetery to wake the dead and they actually do the end. The Sound of Blunderso overdone! At least the author mentioned seeing his storyline & plot on the Simpsons, but Ive also seen it on Family Guy, Futurama and various movies.

An Evening with Al Gore by Charlaine Harris was one of the reasons this book drew my attention. Unfortunately, it was predictable. To note: Im a Charlaine Harris fan, Ive read ALL the Sookie Stackhouse novels. The last book I read before picking up this one was actually Dead Ever After!

I have no words for Dear Prudence, A Good Psycho is Hard to Find and I Know Who You Ate Last Summer. Wellmaybe one: sick.

High Kicks and Misdemeanors, PR Problems and A Very Special Girl were other pieces that made me laugh.

Where Angels Fear to Tread by Sherrilyn Kenyon is an awesome title! The short story itself sounds like a good kicker for a series. Another author Ill be glad to look up and read more on.

Love Seat Solitaire was sad rather than scary or funsorry.

Bitches of the Night was entertaining! Hmnncan we say, Big Love meets True Blood (perhaps a rated PG version of both rather.)

The BellFROM HELL was stupid. Actually if you want to look at it in terms of reality, it might be considered Delusions of Grandeur.

Dead Hand bored me, but it was penultimate, so I forged on.

Jim Butchers Day Off was entertaining too. Insofar, Ive only read Storm Front and if Id read more of the series before reading Day Off I might have gotten more of a kick from it. Nonetheless, it did put a smile on my face to think the fictional, Harry Dresdens one and only day off turned out not to be so bad.