Book Review of The Hobbit (Lord of the Rings, Prequel)

The Hobbit (Lord of the Rings, Prequel)
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Bilbo and the dwarves approach the Misty Mountains. The sense of danger increases and, once again, Bilbo thinks of home. Gandalf warns them that they are at the edge of the Wild and that they can stay with his friend Elrond in Rivendell. The way is difficult, but at last they come to the valley of Rivendell and are greeted by singing elves. Bilbo loves elves, but dwarves and elves are traditional enemies, and Bilbos companions decline the elves invitation to supper.

The group comes to the house of Elrond, a wise and hospitable elf. They stay for fourteen days, until midsummer, eating, singing, and telling tales. Elrond identifies their swords as having come from dragon plunder or the Goblin-wars and translates their runes: Thorins sword is named Orcrist and Gandalfs is Glamdring. Elrond also interprets the moon-letters on Thorins map, letters like runes that can be seen only by the light of a moon that is the same as the one under which they were written. The letters tell the reader to stand by a stone near a thrush and the setting sun of Durins Day will shine on a key-hole. Thorin, Durins heir, explains that Durins Day is the first day of the dwarves New Year. The next day, the dwarves leave to go over the Misty Mountains and beyond.

I really enjoyed this book! It had a good plot and moved along at a good pace. Not boring at all!