Book Review of Obsession (Married for a Minute) (Family, No 9)

Obsession (Married for a Minute) (Family, No 9)
Obsession (Married for a Minute) (Family, No 9)
Author: Lisa Jackson
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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When she was a fresh-faced ingenue, stalked by a mysterious stranger, Kaylie was assigned a sexy bodyguard. Zane Flannery was a tough as nails bodyguard that would never dream of crossing the line with a client, but he fell hard for and married Kaylie. When her stalker attacks her during a movie premier, Zane becomes even more protective, turning Kaylie into a virtual prisoner in her home. The only way to escape was to divorce Zane.

Several years later, Kaylie is now the co-host of a San Francisco morning show. There is a rumor that the stalker will be released from the mental hospital, which makes Zane nervous. He tracks down Kaylie offering to protect her, but her memory still vividly recalls how smothering being protected by Zane can be. Her instinct is to run. But she cannot get far enough off Zane's radar, especially when he decides that he knows best, and takes her into protective custody, Zane-style.