Book Review of The Arcanum: The Extraordinary True Story

The Arcanum: The Extraordinary True Story
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An extremely interesting book. So much so, and so full of the wild doings of people, intrigues, and cliff-hanging problems, that people who prefer fiction will enjoy this book. Made me realize that although knowledge and ways of living may change, people do not. The book blurb says, "...a nineteen year old alchemist named Johann Frederick Bottger, who boastful claims of gold-making caught the attention of the greedy king. Imprisoned...Bottger was commanded to find the arcanum [recipe: in this case, to make gold]or suffer deadly consequences. But salvation for the young alchemist would come in unexpected form...Bottger would stumble on the formula for another precious commodity-the beautifully precious translucent ceramic from China called porcelain." Keep in mind that what we now pay cents for they paid kingdoms for.