Book Review of The Sun Also Rises

The Sun Also Rises
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I wanted to like this book. I really did. I mean it is suppose to be one of his great ones, right? But I got half way through and I could not justify one more minute of my time in reading this book. I kept asking myself what is this book about? (Maybe, empty meaningless lives) What is this book trying to say? (That these people have empty meaningless lives and therefore can not even carry on an interesting conversation)Does this book have any value? (I ceretainly couldn't find it)
Maybe the book gets better,but for the 50% that I read the only thing that happened was several people did nothing but drink and drink and drink and drink some more. The men commented on the "beauty" of the women; to a point where it was nauseating. On one page the same man commented on how good looking one woman was five separate times. The book has zero depth. It contains nothing except bar hoping scenes and superficial conversation about what people were drinking and potential travel destinations. But they never even discuss "why" Paris is "good" or South America might be interesting. This is perhaps the most boring, empty book I have ever attempted to read.