Book Review of Point of Origin (Kay Scarpetta, Bk 9)

Point of Origin  (Kay Scarpetta, Bk 9)
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This book was good, but had some things that drove me nuts. Also, my review has spoilers, so don't read on if you don't want to know...

First, Cornwell needs to get her character facts straight. This book refers to Lucy as being only 19 when she worked on CAIN and was involved with Carrie Grethen. But, in "The Body Farm", where this all happened, she was referred to as being 21. Stuff like this drives me nuts when an author doesn't take the time to know their own stories. Especially when I've been reading the books closely together and haven't had time to forget little details like that (it would be better for my sanity--believe me).

Second, I was completely disappointed that Benton was killed off. First, Kay keeps griping that she's not ready to marry the guy and needs her space and that the relationship's not what it was, and then the next thing you know, he's dead. It's like Cornwell didn't know what to do with the relationship and took the easy way out by killing off another one of Scarpetta's lovers.

I'm also not sure if Carrie Grethen is really dead (unless proof shows up in the next book[s]). This book didn't say anything about a body being found in the water, only that Lucy didn't see one. If Grethen had the forethought to know what Lucy would do while in a helicopter, she probably also would've planned for the possibility of the bird she was in going down and probably had SCUBA gear or something. Call me crazy, but I'm just the type of person who doesn't believe a bad guy is dead until there's absolute proof.