Book Review of Shadows in the Glasshouse (American Girl History Mysteries)

Shadows in the Glasshouse (American Girl History Mysteries)
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This is an excellent book for any age. It's 1621 London England.Merry is kidnapped and put on a ship for Jamestown, Virginia and is sold as an indentured servant upon arrival. She is bought by a kind man but has to live with Mr and Mrs Webbe both criminals. SHe is assigned to the Glass House with her friend glass apprentice Angelo. But strange things happen people break in at night and steal Angelo's glass notebook, turn off the glass ovens and break the glass made that day. Merry to save Angelo whom is believed to be guilty of all these crimes says she did it because they will not be as hard on her. Merry finds the real criminals and testifies about what she knows in court.They are convicted and sentenced and the Governor gives her her freedom and she is united with someone that she loves. It goes through the glass making process of that time which is very labor intensive.