Book Review of Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre
Author: Charlotte Bronte
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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This story is amazing!
Bronte set out to make a story with plot and characters wholly unique, and she ended up with a masterpiece!

The only bad thing is, it is a little long. However, it is well worth your efforts to read it!
The story follows a young, plain girl named Jane. She grows in the worst imaginable surroundings, yet her sufferings can not destroy her spirit. When she is grown, she goes to work as a governess in a strange house owned by a dark and secretive master.
That master is the only one who truly knows Jane's heart and spirit. The two form the closest bond possible, close enough to break through their dark secrets, and whatever other obstacles come their way.

This story is very real, deep, and dark. However, the ending is well worth it! MUST READ!