Book Review of Sins and Needles (Needlecraft Mysteries, Bk 10)

Sins and Needles (Needlecraft Mysteries, Bk 10)
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Adoptee Lucille Jones has come to Minnesota to find her biological parents. Betsy Devonshire notices her resemblance to Jan Henderson, and they meet at her shop, immediately hitting it off. But Betsy begins to wonder about Lucille's motives when Jan's elderly aunt is murdered. If Lucille does prove to be Jan's sister, she stands to inherit as well. And what is buried in the spot marked by a hidden embroidered map that Jan has found? Betsy is asked to investigate once again, and uncovers secrets that someone obviously does not want unearthed. It's another interesting mystery, and slightly more convoluted than previous books in the series, with a peculiar twist, although a not-so-surprising ending.