Book Review of Berserk Volume 39

Berserk Volume 39
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This is the 39th volume in the Berserk series. I really feel like the last few volumes of the Berserk series have been unfocused and kind of slow, however this volume changes that. This was the best Berserk volume in a long time and I really enjoyed it.

Guts and crew finally get to Elfhelm and are forced to battle through a number of defenses before they get to meet the leader there. They finally find out how to put Casca's mind back together and it's a journey only Schierke and Farnese can help with. Meanwhile Guts and crew celebrate with the other denizens of Elfhelm.

This was an incredibly well done volume in the Berserk series. The artwork is spectacular as always and the story finally makes a lot of progress! Here's to hoping the next volume shows even more progress and starts to wrap things up.

Overall this is the best volume in the Berserk series that we have seen in a couple years. The story makes a lot of progress and the artwork remains high quality. Definitely recommended if you are a fan of this manga series. This is one of the best fantasy seinen series out there.