Book Review of Love is a Mix Tape: Life and Loss, One Song at a Time

Love is a Mix Tape: Life and Loss, One Song at a Time
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Someone mentioned to me they were reading this book and I told her to tell me what she thought because I was thinking of reading it. I went to my bookcase the next day looking for something to read - and - of course, I had already bought it and forgotten about it. So, I grabbed it thinking it would be a light-hearted funny read.

It was.

And it wasn't.

There were plenty of nostalgic moments of "oh! I remember that!" and "Did we really do that back then? Oh my gawd!" But it was also sad. I couldn't help but tear up and break down at one point. The whole thing is driven by music, by - well, mix tapes. And it kind of adds to the feeling of what the author was going through. I wouldn't even say this was a greatly written book. It was okay.

But, it didn't really matter. It was chaotic in places and heartwarming in others.

It also made me sit back and think... does it really matter that my husband left the milk out on the counter - again? When we are 85, living in Tampa with the other old folks, is the argument really going to matter? If I were to die tomorrow, would it matter? Then again, can we live our lives with the constant thought of "what if" and even if we did, wouldn't that take away what we truly were all about - arguing about the milk spoiling on the counter...?

I dunno, too deep I guess for such a simple little book perhaps.