Book Review of Crystal Cove (Friday Harbor, Bk 4)

Crystal Cove (Friday Harbor, Bk 4)
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Justine is a natural born witch. Unbeknownst to her, she was cursed as a baby. She will never find love. Jason is a mysterious billionaire in town to look at property to. He also happens to be after something else. So, of course, they are drawn to each other.
I really enjoyed the previous books. They had a little of a magical element to them; Lucy with her glass making, Zoe with her cooking. Granted that last one (Dream Lake) was even more paranormal with the ghost and what happened at the end. The one, Crystal Cove, is full on paranormal romance (IMO). I didn't work for me. *Gasp* Another LK book I didn't care for!! (Looking at you, Midnight Angel).
"Never read page thirteen..." Justine was told this by her mother, because telling someone to *not* to something (and to also not explain why) will make sure they *don't* do it! AmIright? I thought Justine being a witch would have been more cool had she known more about it and an active practitioner. Instead, it just seemed something she did when she wanted/needed something instead. The whole thing with her going out on the kayak with signs of an impending storm was stupid. Hey the app said the weather was fine, so it must be true!
I also wasn't crazy about Jason. I thought he was creepy. Then, after admitting he has "feelings" for her, scheming to steal something from her. Oops, I mean "borrow."
Another thing that ruined this book: "the witch's bane." WTF? Oh hell no.
And this too: one of the main characters didn't have a soul. Oh please.