Book Review of Reforming the Rake (Harlequin Historical, No 774)

Reforming the Rake (Harlequin Historical, No 774)
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"This isn't your first season, is it, dear?"
"No. But it shall be my last!"

Beatrice Sinclair prayed that her bold declaration would prove true. After so many fruitless years on the ton's marriage mart, life on the shelf seemed
the more appealing prospect. At least as an avowed spinster, she wouldn't be bound by the silliness women went through to catch even the dullest of husbands!

Still, secretly, she yearned for romance bone-melting, scandalous romance. If truth be told, what she really wanted even if only for one mad, family-shocking
moment was a rake.

And Charles Summerson, Marquis of Pelham, tall, dark and notorious, seemed only too happy to oblige!