Book Review of Shock Wave (Dirk Pitt, Bk 13)

Shock Wave  (Dirk Pitt, Bk 13)
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OK - to start with I must confess I've read ALL Clive Cussler's books, both
fiction and non-fiction and have enjoyed every single one.

With the possible exception that it had some sad parts I enjoyed this
story very much.

Mr. Cussler has a wonderful way with words and the way he tells his stories
shows an incredible good-humouredness for living.

His heroes are GOOD and his villains are all BAD, and whether or not it is
like real life he ends his stories with a world that is a better place for
the actions and the existence of the good characters he's created.

Would you or I or most people even survive the kinds of Pitt-falls his hero
just takes in stride ? Probably not. Does that matter to me as a reader ?
Not in the least.

I can only wish that maybe there are some real people who are 1/2 as well
endowed with consciences, vigor and determination like his characters all
show so well - they'd make good examples for people to learn from.

In conclusion I will stop short of saying Mr. Cussler can do no wrong in
this reader's opinion, but I WILL say that as long as he'll write 'em,
I'll get 'em and read every one !