Book Review of Parenting With Love and Logic : Teaching Children Responsibility

Parenting With Love and Logic : Teaching Children Responsibility
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As parents you have only a few years to prepare your children for a world that requires responsibility and maturity for survival. That thought alone can send shivers down your parental spine.
So what do you do? Hover over your kids so they never make mistakes? Drill them so they'll remember the important principles whey they're on their own? Tear your hair out, wondering if teaching them responsibility is anything but a battle of wills?
According to Fim Fay, one of America's top educational consultants, and Dr. Foster Cline, a trend setting child and adult psychiatrist, parents who try to ensure their children's success often raise unsuccessful kids. Because responsibility is like anything else--it has to be learned through practice

Take Sylvia's example:

Sylvia has eight kids. Every time I visited her home, I saw her handing out money to them. One day I asked, "What is this with you dishing out money all the time?"

"We give our kids loans in the household because we're learning about the world of finance," Sylvia answered as she handed fifty cents to Joshua. "Our loans are just like those at the First National Bank, with due dates, promissory notes, and collateral. Why, just the other day I repossessed a $29 tape recorder."

"Must have beed sad for Joshua," I said.

"Not really," Sylvia replied. "It's a gift. Because now Joshua, who's only ten years old, knows all about the responsibility of paying back his loans; he knows all about promissory notes and collateral, and even repossession--and it only cost him a $29 tape recorder.

"Timothy, my neighbor's kid," Sylvia continued, "learned the same lesson when the bank came and repossessed his $4900 Camaro. He had to wait until he was twenty-six to learn it because his parents protected him when he was young. My Joshua has a sixteen year head start on Timothy."

Sylvia is a love and logic parent. She knows that kids learn the best lessons whey they're given a task and allowed to make their own choices--and to fail--while the cost of failure is still small. So if you want to raise kids who are self confident, motivated, and ready for the real world, take advantage of this win-win approach to parenting. Your kids will win because they'll learn responsibility and the logic of life by solving their own problems. And you'll win because you'll establish healthy control--without resorting to anger, threats, nagging, or exhausting power struggles. Parenting with love and logic puts the fun back into parenting!