Book Review of Computer chess

Computer chess
Computer chess
Author: David E Welsh
Book Type: Paperback
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Covers programming techniques, history, style and rules for the novice as well as expert. Contains 89 annotated games from the major 1982 computer chess events.

The author in a review of this book says: "My first published book is a bit dated now, but there is information in it that can be found nowhere else in the literature.

Written from the perspective of a competitive chess player who is also a computer programmer, this book is nearly unique, and conveys useful insights into the playing strengths and weaknesses of chess playing computers. These remain valid today: although the programs are stronger now, the advances have nearly all been in increasing search depth, not in making the programs better at evaluating poaitions.

There is also considerable historical and technical information about computer chess programs up to 1983, which today would primarily be of interest to the chess programming specialist. "