Book Review of Apache Storm

Apache Storm
Apache Storm
Author: Jason Manning
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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This is a story about a young Union officer sent to battle Apaches. His parents maneuvered their only son to stay out of the Civil War that was beginning in the East. This is the first of three stories in the Apache Series by this author.

Jason Manning does an excellent job of showing just how fragile life was during this difficult time in American history. He also shows how often the Apaches were affected by powerful American interests.

I had two major problems with this book. XXXX SPOILER ALERT XXXX When Lt. Barrow went AWOL from his post at the fort and was taken back by his leader, I nearly threw the book at the wall. I also didn't like that Barrow fell in love with Cochise's daughter. (Manning didn't use some minor Indian's daughter, but Cochise.) And Cochise simply gave her over to an American Army officer. (No marriage ceremony, no hesitation; I'm so sure.) Barrow did not think about what kind of life the young woman would have with an American Army officer until after he got her.

Apache Series
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