Book Review of The Bedding Proposal (Rakes of Cavendish Square, Bk 1)

The Bedding Proposal (Rakes of Cavendish Square, Bk 1)
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I was a little hesitant to read the first in the Rakes of Cavendish Square series because I really wasn't in the mood for another bored young aristocrat looking for a little womanly distraction, which proves that even this seasoned romance junkie can occasionally sum it up wrong.

The Bedding Proposal is made of the stuff all romance readers crave. Let's review the checklist:

Is it romantic? Leo spends a lot of time in hot and heavy pursuit of Thalia, so yeah, check.
Is it sexy? Absolutely, and it's graphic enough to make you pant.
Are there any bad guys ready to stir up trouble? Definitely; a nasty ex-husband holding all the cards (I could relate).
Does the hero prove his mettle? Leo has an opportunity to defend his ladylove, which had my eyes glued to the pages.
Does it have any secrets that could nip a budding relationship if revealed? You betcha. But then every good romance should have at least one salacious secret hovering in the sidelines.

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