Book Review of X-Men, Spiderman: The Past (Time's Arrow, No 1)

X-Men, Spiderman: The Past (Time's Arrow, No 1)
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The entire trilogy is very good. I enjoyed seeing all of my "favorite" and some not so well known ones involved in an adventure with Spider-man. The book begins with Spider-man finding evidence that he has traveled into the past and apparently got lost there and then continues into traveling in parallel Universes and then a series of possible futures (including going into the ever popular X-Men 2099 comic series). This book and it's two sequels are truly Gems within the Super-Hero Paperback book world surround the Marvel Universe. If you like X-men and/Or Spider-man, then this is a must read OR if you just like an adventure that has twist and turns everywhere (most of them unpredictable), then this is a book for you. Enjoy.