Book Review of Evening News

Evening News
Evening News
Author: Marly A. Swick
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
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From the book jacket:
Giselle thought she finally had it all together. She'd escaped from the Midwest to temperate southern California with her young son, Teddy. She'd married Dan Trias, the imapssioned professor of her Thursday evening composition class at Cal Tech. Dan seemed the perfect man for her: handsome, literate, articulate. They had a baby-Trina-who bound the four of them together. They had become a family, inviolable. Or so she'd thought.
When Trina and Teddy are involved in a terrible accident, fault lines immediately appear, revealing them as a family divided. Dan's ability to communicate lapses in the the face of the crisis and Giselle finds herself pulled between her grieving husband and her shocked son. And as she struggles to piece her family back together, Giselle has to teach herself the hardest lesson a mother can learn: how to forgive your child the unforgivable.