Book Review of Double Twist (Going for Gold)

Double Twist (Going for Gold)
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DOUBLE TWIST finds Laura and Patrick gearing up to compete in an ice-dancing championship in Montreal. This time, they expect a medal. Their excitement overpowers the strenuous workouts, until an accident ruins their plans. When Patrick goes down, his knee prevents him from dancing again, until after the competition. Laura sinks into depression, until she thinks of a brilliant plan to stay in the competition.

During normal skating hours at the rink, Laura spies one boy showing off his footwork. He looks like he has all the right moves, and with a little work, she has a new skating partner. Keeping him as a partner is an entirely different matter. Boys tease him about ice-dancing, but Laura finds a way to make it more appealing. Together Laura and Scott work on a hip-hop ice-dancing routine. The uniqueness of their dancing could ultimately blow up in their faces, but they're willing to work like crazy and have a little fun to try something completely new.

This novel is great fun and will be popular with girls looking for more sport books. The book, set in the U.K., is half-Americanized, making the reader wonder exactly where it is located. At the championship, Scott and Laura are announced as the team from the U.K., but it's never revealed beforehand. Words like Mum and soccer make it a little bit hard for the reader to figure out the setting. However, this slight issue did not take away from the enjoyment of the book.