Book Review of The Reincarnationist (Reincarnationist, Bk 1)

The Reincarnationist (Reincarnationist, Bk 1)
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Helpful Score: 7

This book had so much potential. It could have been written to provide more tension, more mystery, more meat. Reincarnated persons crossing and re-crossing each others' paths could be so much more interesting and rewarding.

While it kept my interest enough for me to finish it, I'm disappointed (that I finished it). I literally didn't realize that the book was over until I turned the page and found the Author's Note. What?

Yes, it had a very UN-satisfying ending.

I will admit that I didn't see "the big twist" until about the time I was meant to see it, but it wasn't all that surprising. The plotting and character interactions were sloppy and fairly mechanical.

This is the author's 9th book. If this is what she's done after 8 previous attempts, I'm glad I didn't start at the beginning.

I will, however, look for other novels addressing the subject. Now that I've considered the potential for the story line, I'm interested in finding something more satisfying.