Book Review of Annie Lash

Annie Lash
Annie Lash
Author: Dorothy Garlock
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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This heroine, Annie Lash, is much more satisfying than the one in WILD SWEET WILDERNESS (first book in the series). Dorothy Garlock neatly enfolds her story within the framework of a historical fact -- Aaron Burrs trial for treason.

In this tale, Burrs henchmen are trying to kill the 2 heroes of this book: frontiersmen Jefferson Merrick and Will.

The only women in the West in the early years were soiled doves. Men put down their money and spent time with the sporting ladies. This did not require any emotional attachment from the men. Jefferson is a perfect example of the man interested in sex but not really thinking about what the woman wanted.

When ladies trekked to the wilderness, they brought along ideas of romantic love and a shared life. In other words, women who came west had to teach men about feelings. Garlock shows the natural conflict that women felt about western men -- being looked upon as breeders (and little else).

Annie Lash is a strong character; she holds out for what she wants.

Callie and Wills story almost overshadowed the one between the two main characters (Annie Lash and Jefferson). Callie was married to Jeffersons brother and hed abandoned Callie and the children some time before. I think we can all identify with a woman who is married to an awful man but loves another.

I thought the plot was a bit thin where Jefferson convinces Annie Lash to come to his home to help care for Callie and her children. I would have expected someone as sharp as Annie to ask more questions before setting out with a man she didn't know.

The final book, ALMOST EDEN, covers the story between Lightbody and Maggie.

Annie Lash
1. Wild Sweet Wilderness (1985)
2. Annie Lash (1985)
3. Almost Eden (1995)