Book Review of The Amendment Killer (Brooks/Lotello Thriller)

The Amendment Killer (Brooks/Lotello Thriller)
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The Supreme Court of the United States is considered one of America's most sacred institutions. But what happens when the sanctity of the Court is put in jeopardy? The Court is about to hear a bellwether case: can the Constitution be amended solely by citizens or must Congress be involved? Shortly before oral arguments begin, Justice Arnold Hirschfeld receives a text message, informing him that his granddaughter has been kidnapped, her fate resting on the High Court striking down the 28th Amendment passed through the efforts of a citizens' advocacy group. Hirschfield's friend, Cyrus Brooks and the lead attorney for the respondents, notices his odd behavior during arguments and engages the help of a D. C. detective to get to the bottom of this mystery. With time running out for his granddaughter, Hirschfeld must decide how to save his granddaughter without compromising the very principles on which America was founded.

The Amendment Killer by Ronald S. Barak, is a novel with a plot that is very relevant to Americans in light of the current political climate here in 2018, with citizens pushing for change on a variety of issues. The Constitution has been interpreted in multiple ways during the history of America and this novel points out yet another portion of it that may not be as straight-forward as we thought. The content of the novel's fictitious 28th Amendment, around which much of the plot centers, addresses contemporary issues that are even now being hotly debated. Barak has drawn from his legal background in order to compose a novel that is both though-provoking as well as thrilling. This is one of the best books I've read in a while, which is why I give it 5/5 stars.

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