Book Review of Miranda (Springwater Seasons)

Miranda  (Springwater Seasons)
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First let me say that I did enjoy this book. There were things about Landry's thoughts in the beginning that irked me: like thinking of Miranda as a woman/child yet wanting to bed her or knowing he will never respect her because she is a fallen woman therefore will never replace his dead wife in his heart. Or when he wants to get laid so he ask Miranda to put the baby on cow's milk and stop nursing? So in many ways, it was hard to like him but his actions eventually were very sweet and eventually won me over.

I loved Miranda. She was very sweet and kept trying to do her best. I think in her shoes I would have been a little bit more angry with Landry being so stuck on his dead wife.

The "I love you" exchanges kind of came a bit sudden for me and there were a few very minor inconsistency to the series (like the baby's father is referred to as Tom here but in Savannah's book he was Jack). But overall it kept my interest and will most likely continue on with the series.