Book Review of Ann Margret: My Story

Ann Margret: My Story
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I read this book and learned much about this lady I didn't I know. In a lot of ways she was very revealing and also very secretive. I am an Elvis Presley fan and I had hoped for some details and they were there and they weren't, did they or didn't they....which really isn't any of our business is it? I was as you might imagine anxious to read of Ann-Margret's romance with Elvis but she has had quite a life and career before and after being labeled the female Elvis Presley. I hate to see "stars" who have no talent and I am ashamed this is so true today: back in the day lots of people took lessons, had ambitions, and honed their talent from a young, young age. This is true of Ann-Margret whose parents supported her dreams and her talent. I could feel the warmth of Ann-Margret's love for her parents and her desire for stardom and her love for Roger Smith, her husband. She shines the ugly light on herself (like mine is my failed marriage and how it almost undone me) she was a drinker. I am glad to say we both overcame our obstacles. Ann-Margret takes you through her life, her culture, her travels, her climb to stardom, and her fall from the stage, the long recuperation, the fight for her life, and her shared struggle in helping her husband Roger with his illness. It is heartbreaking reading about her desire to have a baby and the loss of her father. When Ann-Margret fell off the stage in the 70s she shares this story as she has been told it- all she remembers is falling. ALL I could think of as this point in the story wraps up and bless her heart she starts to recover and remembering what I have read so far, the handling of her career by Roger, the rush to get her to a doctor who agreed to save her face ALL I could think when I finished this book is Ann-Margret should thank her lucky stars she didn't wind up with Elvis Presley.