Book Review of Hemlock Bay (FBI, Bk 6)

Hemlock Bay (FBI, Bk 6)
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FBI agents Dillon Savich and his wife, Lacey Sherlock, are in the middle of a frightening case involving two psychopathic killers and a series of ghoulish kidnappings, when trouble hits on the home front. Dillon's younger sister, Lily, has been injured after crashing her sports utility vehicle into a giant redwood tree and, if Dillon is to believe Lily's father-in-law, the crash was no accident. But was it another suicide attempt, the second since Lily's daughter was killed by a hit-and-run driver just seven months ago? Convinced that fast answers could save Lily's life, Dillon and Lacey race to California's Hemlock Bay, and what they find proves shocking even to them.