Book Review of By Possession

By Possession
By Possession
Author: Madeline Hunter
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Moira is a beautiful, proud and courageous serf-woman who has loved only one man since she was twelve. Until he showed up on her doorstep to claim the son she had raised, she believed that man was dead. Her pride and love for Addis will constantly war within her, because she knows he can never marry her. The only role Moira can play in his life will be as a mistress, until he tires of her.

Moira saw what her mother had to endure as a mistress to another nobleman and swore that she would never allow it to happen to her. But now her oath will be sorely tested as she fights to walk away from the love of her life.

For eight years, Addis de Valence was a captured slave in the Baltic lands until his lover, the daughter of a priest, helped him escape. He returns home to find that his father, wife and most of whom he loved are dead, his stepbrother has taken over his father's estate and he has a son he didn't know existed. Now he has to fight to regain all that he has lost. But in his quest, Addis will discover a love that will mean more to him than his life; a love in a woman who is not his equal in the eyes of society.