Book Review of More Than It Hurts You

More Than It Hurts You
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I really like the premise of this book: does a mom have Munchausen by Proxy and is hurting her baby, or is a hospital to blame for a major oversight? But this book is painful to read. Honestly, I could not read any further than the end of part 1. With apologies to the writer, this subject is just out of my realm of comprehension. As the mother of a small child, I cannot bear to read about child abuse, hear about it on tv or see it in a movie.

I wanted to read this book; I wanted to like this book; I wanted this book to make me think. I wasn't prepared for how it made me feel.

The story of Dr. Stokes was interesting, and I might have continued reading just to see where it led. But in the end, I'm saying goodbye to this one, letting it move on to a new home, and hopefully to someone who enjoys it much more than I did.