Book Review of Honeymoon (Audio Cassette) (Unabridged)

Honeymoon (Audio Cassette) (Unabridged)
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This is an Unabridged Edition. I've been a fan of James Patterson from the get-go, I have 20+ of his audios to get through on my TBR shelf. This is one of them. I got hooked on Patterson's main character "Alex Cross" early on, and that was the driving factor for me to get more of his books. Now comes along, a "NEW" character FBI agent John O'Hara, who goes head-to-head with "Nora Sinclair", an attractive, seductive but very deadly character who traps wealthy young men in her web of seduction, only to end up killing them for their money. Think "Black Widow". Let the games begin! Like all of Patterson's books, this one remains simplistic (you don't get a brain blowout trying to follow everything), and yet the plot twists are never anticipated, and they just keep coming. One word of "Note", Howard Roughan co-wrote this book with Patterson, and his influence is evident! This is probably one of Patterson's most sensual books, that's not like him at all, I see Mr. Roughan having a hand in this! On a final note, this audio is read by Campbell Scott AND Hope Davis, with each of them bringing professional skills and energy to the book. This "Dual-reader" format works well for me - it's a lot better than having one reader trying to voice everbody's lines. Enjoy! Wiley