Book Review of King of Spades (Wonderland, Bk 2)

King of Spades (Wonderland, Bk 2)
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I really enjoyed this book. I loved the king of hearts, which is the story of Alexi's twin, Alice, but Alexi as a character is more my type of character. She's a kick-ass, independent, ball buster woman who will not take crap from anyone, especially anyone messing with the people she cares about. Unlike her twin, she likes being submissive, but only in the bedroom. Everywhere else, she wants to be an equal. Darronn, the King of Spades, is not used to being disobeyed so he has to learn to compromise if he wants to keep Alexi with him as his Queen of Spades. Great great book and if you like explicit sex, ta-dah this book has got ya covered.