Book Review of Body of Intuition (Karma Crime, Bk #1)

Body of Intuition (Karma Crime, Bk #1)
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Cally Lazar is a recovering lawyer who joined a twelve-step recovery program to make sure she doesn't fall back into practicing
jurisprudence. After she quit the legal profession, she became a masseuse. With some of her patients, she sees auras that enable
her to know what is wrong and how to heal the patient.

I really want to like this book, but I'm torn between recommending it and throwing it through a window. The main character is
interesting and sympathetic, the setting believable, and the mystery and resulting cast of suspects were compelling enough to keep
me reading through the moments-of-serious-wincing.

While the story behind the name is amusing, as for the elements that were interesting the first time and grew annoying with the
number of times they were mentioned-- especially the "forces of darkness" surrounding Cally's ex-boyfriend and the "cane-fu" sparring
between Cally and her lawyer friend.

Cally the energy worker is an interesting premise, and I will read this author again. I just hope that further books in this series
are a bit more even in writing.