Book Review of Dragonworld

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Somewhere beyond the northern mists lies a land where dreams live and dragons are real. This is the tale of the twilight of the dragons, of two nations plunged into war by a tragic misunderstanding, of a shy dreamer's incredible voyage of peace to a long forgotten land where nightmares are born. .

Amsel the nventor was a shy, quiet man, happy to be left alone with his experiments. Then one day, a small child was killed while flying Amsel's tiny glider, and the people of Fandora accused him of the deed. Driven into self-exile, Amsel sets sail for mysterious Simbala, a land of billowing windships and a city within a forest. It is here that Amsel seeks an answer to the child's murder, but finds himself instead on an incredible journey to a long-forgotten land where legends are real, nightmares are born.

An epic quest through three memorable lands, illustrated with over 80 pages of fantastic illustrations.