Book Review of The Hunt (Predator, Bk 2)

The Hunt (Predator, Bk 2)
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Miranda Moore heads up the search-and-rescue squad in Montana - ever since she left Quantico the day before graduation. Quinn Peterson is the FBI agent in charge of the killings of a serial killer dubbed The Butcher - the serial killer that Miranda escaped years before. Miranda's past haunts her - most of all her escape when her best friend died at his hands. With Miranda's knowledge of the local area and the help of the local sheriff, Quinn focuses in on the clues left by the latest victims, despite his feelings for Miranda surfacing painfully. Meanwhile Miranda is facing the same problem - she's trying to ignore Quinn and her painful past so that she can catch the man that tortured her and killed her best friend. Interesting stories with good plots - a little heavy on the romance for a mystery, though.