Book Review of Irish Girls About Town: An Anthology of Short Stories

Irish Girls About Town: An Anthology of Short Stories
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I was looking forward to fun romps through girl power and instead I got 16 stories about how to get a man, why you must have a man, men who suck but you should stay with them because you need a man, why it's OK to be with a married man, ignoring the good man in front of you so you can get trampled over by the jerky man that might call next week, getting out of a relationship with a man so you can immediately start your next relationship with a man, and keeping your man happy so he doesn't leave you. Oh and women who think every man either wants them or is gay, or women who believe that they are completely unworthy of love and deserve to be treated like crap.

Stab me in the eye, please.

So why did I suffer through 16 stories that would make Gloria Steinem cry? A lot of the girls/women had girlfriends who were saying the things that I was thinking. Also, the writing is really good. While I hated the plots, there were lines that were really impressive. 2/10. This one was so not for me. But 2 points for some really great writing, even though I hated what was being written about.