Book Review of 11/22/63

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I should say up front, this is probably a biased review because I read Stephen King with caution. I don't like his writing style (I gloss over his crude descriptions and tend to roll my eyes at his over-the-top dialogue on occasion). However, he can be a good storyteller and has quite an imagination-"The Green Mile" is the best example of this to me. I read everything by him when I was much younger-right up until "It" turned me against him. That long book was a great read until it ended so ridiculously. Another reason I do not trust him is that he crosses lines I do not want to cross-he does it on purpose and fans of King may like that-but the lines I'm talking about are the ones that make sure children and animals are protected-call me naive or whatever-but for my reading enjoyment I want those lines protected. So, that's my frame of mind on picking up what looks like a very interesting premise. I have to say I liked it. There are many subplots and many characters we come to know and root for along the way. It started out very interesting, but I became leary about 150 pages in as we revisited, of all things, the town of Derry, Maine, and the scene of "It"! This was just a side road with references from those past events (thankfully) so the overall story continued without becoming lost. The story itself is well done and kept me guessing on how it would play out all the way through, for the characters, the country, and the world. It is a satisfying read that I really enjoyed in the end (despite rolling my eyes and glossing over some things). For me, that's a glowing review on a Stephen King book.