Book Review of Ten Big Ones (Stephanie Plum, Bk 10)

Ten Big Ones (Stephanie Plum, Bk 10)
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Up another hum dinger! Could not put it down!
Stephanie and Lula are trying to figure out what to eat when Lula pulls out her gun and was boasting about her shooting when she takes out the pack tire of a bicycle, that turns out to be the get a way vehicle for the devil masked man robbing the deli for the 14th time, he throws his molotov cocktail at the deli and the manager runs out with it throwing at the devil masked man and hit him and Stephanie's yellow Ford Escape. It turns out that she is the only one who can ID the masked man.
She continues to work and pick up skips and then Morelli tries to keep her safe and she loses it and walks out. She finds an apartment for Val, but it wont be ready to move in for 2 weeks. She realizes there is a hit out on her and she has to keep a low profile, which she is not good at doing.
She ends up at Ranger's as a safe hide out so that none of her family or friends get hurt in this fiasco. She continues to hide. She continues to work. But what happens when Ranger comes home? What does the Junkman (hired gun) want with her anyway? Will she survive her diet? Will Val get married? Just when Steph thinks its safe to return to her life and go to her sister's bridal shower is when they nab her!