Book Review of Hearts in Atlantis

Hearts in Atlantis
Hearts in Atlantis
Author: Stephen King
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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This is my least favorite Stephen King book. This book has several completely different stories with common characters in each story. To me, it was very disjointed and distracting because it didn't flow smoothly as a single story.

I loved the first story about the kid and Ted. It was a great story in itself and then it ended abruptly. I kept wondering what happened to the kid. I kept waiting for him to show up again. The next story about a teenager playing cards at college was a great story too and it also ended abruptly. The remainder of the book was what seemed like separate epilogues of all the minor characters.

In last ten pages we finally find out what happened to the kid and one of the other characters from the first story. At least there was a bit of closure to that story.

I would say that if you have another choice of reading Stephen King books, choose any other one before this one.