Book Review of Stealing Heaven

Stealing Heaven
Stealing Heaven
Author: Elizabeth Scott
Genre: Teen & Young Adult
Book Type: Hardcover
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Dani goes by many names. Her name changes depending on where she and her mother have moved for their next job. Dani and her mother are thieves. Her father is no longer in the picture. He was caught during a robbery and was sent to prison when Dani was younger. Once he was paroled, he faded from their lives. Now Dani and her mother travel all around the country planning their next big job.

Since she was little, Dani's mother has always taught her to believe in silver and things she can hold and sell. But now, at eighteen, they have moved to Heaven, a coastal town. Her mom has her sights set on the huge mansions along the beach. Dani's thoughts are changing toward the future. She keeps having thoughts about what it would be like if they settled down and she could be normal.

While scouting the area for her mother, Dani meets Allison and Greg. Allison turns out to be the daughter of the house her mother has decided to hit. Allison accepts her, no questions asked. Greg turns out to be intrigued by Dani. He's also a cop. Greg is the worst possible type of guy for a girl in her position to be interested in. Yet Greg keeps turning up, and for the first time in her life, Dani finds herself telling him the truth about things. She even goes so far as to tell him her real name. Allison knows her as Sydney, but Greg has met the real Dani.

Complications arise in Heaven for Dani and her mother, and the story comes to a satisfying conclusion for the reader. Dani is torn between what she wants to do and what she's obligated to do for her mother. Dani struggles with doubts of her mother's love, as well as her attraction to Greg. She wants desperately to fit in and finally make friends, but the life she's always lived keeps getting in the way.

STEALING HEAVEN is the second book I've been fortunate enough to read by Ms. Scott. And I have to admit that I loved this one even more than PERFECT YOU. Of course, now I must go back and read BLOOM, and wait eagerly for her future release, LIVING DEAD GIRL. Ms. Scott was an unknown author for the Class of 2007. Well, I'm pleased to say I believe she will be around for many years. Her stories keep evolving and her audience will surely grow along with her increasing library.