Book Review of Fearless (The Lost Fleet, Bk 2)

Fearless (The Lost Fleet, Bk 2)
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Helpful Score: 7

The second book in Jack Campbell's Lost Fleet series. If you have read the first book, you should know about what to expect (if you haven't, you will need to, not a stand alone). There is much more of the same here, Black Jack Geary continues to lead his ever-diminishing fleet through enemy territory, trying to make it home, while dealing with threats from without and 100 years of stubborn tradition from within. Campbell does a great job of maintaining suspense while waiting for that pesky light to travel before giving you a fantastic read of all of the action. I couldn't put this book down, and hope that Campbell can keep his pace (first 2 books in 7 months, and 11 more until book 3). Quickly becoming my favorite sci-fi series.