Book Review of Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy (Men of Hawaii, Bk 1)

Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy (Men of Hawaii, Bk 1)
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Fun romantic suspense book. Kane is the local police chief who is on a forced leave of absence thanks to a drug bust gone bad. He's not the kind of guy who enjoys time off and after a few days is bored out of his mind. Instead of being relaxing, a walk on the beach turns up a red-headed firecracker of a woman with a smart mouth and a lot of secrets. His instincts can't decide if she's crook or victim, but his body tells him to keep her close.

Annie is a nature photographer who has come to Hawaii to find the man who scammed her mother and sent her over the edge mentally. She isn't going to give up just because someone tried to drown her. Telling the hunky police chief who rescued her what she has planned doesn't seem to be the best idea, but she can't deny that she feels safe with him.

The sparks between Kane and Annie were evident from the beginning. I loved the rescue/shower scene, as Kane works to revive Annie, but can't help his very male reaction to her. Annie isn't too happy about her own reaction - she doesn't need the distraction, and his bossiness really gets on her nerves. I loved watching her use every trick she can think of to keep her secrets and see Kane call her on every one of them. Though Kane's friend Josh accuses him of thinking with something other than his brain, Kane quickly realizes that Annie is in a heap of trouble and his protective instincts kick in.

I enjoyed the development of the relationship between Kane and Annie. The push and pull between them is fun with sarcastic banter and attempts to resist the sparks that continue to flare between them. But underneath the snark, each of them also recognizes a similar pain. Kane has closed himself off emotionally after too many losses have battered his heart. He doesn't want to risk the pain again, but he's also a man to whom family means everything and he misses it. Annie blames herself for what happened to her mother, and that guilt is one of the driving forces behind her quest for revenge. Letting Kane in risks losing that drive. I loved seeing Annie work her way past Kane's walls and see him start to feel again. I also loved how Annie became so protective of both Kane and Derek. The final scene was fantastic as both had to open up their hearts all the way to get what they most desired.

I enjoyed the suspense of the story also. There were two things going on. First was Kane's suspension while he was under investigation. He was suffering enough from what he'd had to do without having to put up with the vendetta from the Internal Affairs guy. On top of that was the frustration that the person running the drug ring hadn't yet been identified and caught. I liked that Kane's officers respected him so much, which led to some pretty interesting confrontations with the IA guy.

The second was Annie's search for the con man and trying to stay ahead of those who were trying to stop her. Once she finally let Kane in on the whole story, things seemed to move pretty quickly. The final confrontation was very intense with some unexpected twists and turns before it was all over. I ached for Annie and the demons she had to face and loved that Kane was with her all the way.