Book Review of The Twelfth Night Bride (Once Upon a Wedding, Bk 7)

The Twelfth Night Bride (Once Upon a Wedding, Bk 7)
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Fortune hunter Irish guy Sean marries English heiress Kate with the idea of settling in London and trying to politically help his country but circumstances happen and he decides that won't do so leaves Kate on their wedding night and writes excuse letters to put off seeing her again...for FIVE YEARS. Kate isn't totally blameless in that she really should have gone to his place in Ireland long before the five years were up but didn't go face him until he demanded a divorce. Mostly hated Sean because he considered his wife's property his and didn't seem to care that he hurt her. Though in the end he wanted her and she him...he never apologized nearly enough or acted nearly in love enough...till the "one year later" two pages where Sean seems to show some love for his wife but still manages a remark about whatever she has is his