Book Review of DEAD LETTERS : DEAD LETTERS (Eamon Wearie Mystery)

DEAD LETTERS : DEAD LETTERS (Eamon Wearie Mystery)
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Depot 349: letters, engagement rings, anctient BMW's everything the Post Office can't return or deliver comes to rest in the cavernous depths of the Baltimore warehouse. Exploring its wealth of lost treasures is as heady as deep se diving, an obsession Lt. Eamon Wearie - FBI trained US Federal Postal Inspector, divorced, disillusioned and dead-ended at 33 - can't always resist. Without a corpse or a real clue, Wearie and his partner, Bunko, track a grisly photo from an LA mailbox to an eerie PA town. While his boss and the FBI hit stone walls and spar for credit, Wearie, awash in bad sex and bottom shelf booxe- has plunged int he depts to discover a stash of love letters. Suddenly out of a job and in over his head, the only thing keeping him afloat is a pack of letters written to a troubled man and the need to find a woman named Netti - even if the search leads straight to hell.