Book Review of The Stone Diaries

The Stone Diaries
The Stone Diaries
Author: Carol Shields
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 22

This book took me awhile to read as I was never really drawn in or enticed to keep reading it. Nonetheless I read on, enjoying the fine writing, and still certain that a climactic end was in store. Well it never really came, yet something more rewarding occurred that caught me by suprise. Upon finishing the book, I sat, closed my eyes and carefully considered the thoughts this book provoked in me. Thoughts about life, its meaning, its purpose, how to approach it, thoughts of family, of friendships, of births and deaths, of work, of retirement, of illness, and of my own death. I was quite saddened by the book. The family and friends of Daisy knew so little about her really. She became, to them (and to me), this old lady who repeated herself, and led a self-denied life of wife and mother.

The reminder I take away from Daisy's life is to be careful not to let life happen to you like an accident. It's important to try to exert some influence where you can or the everyday omission of influence can form a life of regrets that are only recognizable in death.

"The Stone Diaries" is an immensely introspective examination of the cycles of life. Even though the lives of the characters are without much spark or excitement, they are portrayed in a way that compels you to take notice and to care. Whether it's the superb writing, the sublime story or the subdued pace, the novel works well and was a thoroughly enjoyable read.