Book Review of The People's Chronology: A Year-By-Year Record of Human Events from Prehistory to the Present (A Henry Holt Reference Book)

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From the back cover: "Presented chronologically from prehistory through 1993, THE PEOPLE'S CHRONOLOGY contains virtually all the wars, treaties, revolutions, royal dynasties, and changes in government of recorded history. It also documents scientific, technological, and medical advances; literary, musical, and theatrical events of each period; artistic movements, developments in architecture, and trends of everyday life in cultures around the world. As well it records the notable crimes committed over the centuries; damages done to the environment; advances and regressions in education, human rights, and religion; achievements in sports, explorations, and communications; even the history of brand names.
[Covers] thiry distinct areas of human endeavor in more than 35,000 entries and nearly 200 illustrations."