Book Review of The Truth About Cats & Dogs

The Truth About Cats & Dogs
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Sadie Harte's Chihuahua is head over heels for the Chihuahua next door. It's impossible for Sadie and neighbor Buck Bosworth to keep them apart. And soon
Sadie and Buck are finding it impossible to stay away from each other, too. Clever Chihuahua!

Three homeless dogs, an old van, a six-hundred-mile rescue mission. What could possibly go wrong? As Jessica Hall finds outeverything. Now Jessica needs
rescuing, too. And her canine friends know just the man to be her hero.
When Mack Sanders's little girl, Miranda, goes missing, Penny Jameson's friend Familiar, the feline sleuth, senses there's more to Miranda's disappearance
than her search for a lost cat. And Familiar also senses there's more to Mack and Penny's attraction than they realizeyet.