Book Review of The Religious Body

The Religious Body
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Catherine Aird is one of my favorite authors; I love British literature. I read Aird, not for her police procedures but for her droll sense of humor. I particularly love the way Sloan is put upon by the Inspector assigning young Crosby to assist.

Crosby couldnt assist a blind person across the street, so it is always fun to see what excuse is given for sending the young constable. Usually, it is something like, Theres no one else; youll just have to take Crosby.

Crosbys mutterings under his breath are usually priceless; he and Dr. Dabbe (the police pathologist) offer some comedy to the proceedings. I often wonder what Crosbys thoughts are about being considered the most useless member of the Berebury CID in West Calleshire, England.

As I reread Airds works, I am always impressed how her stories stand up to the passage of time. Although this work was written in the late 1960s, the style speaks of an even earlier time in history; it seems to be a period piece.

In this first novel, Aird sets about establishing the characters in Berebury CID; and characters they all are! From Happy Harry (who isnt) to Sloan to Dr. Dabbe, everyone brings something to the banquet.

This is a pleasant introduction to Airds wry wit and entertaining characters!