Book Review of The Tiger in the Well (Sally Lockhart Trilogy, Book 3)

The Tiger in the Well (Sally Lockhart Trilogy, Book 3)
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Get all three Sally Lockhart books. Read them back to back as they all belong together in one giant novel.
BOOK 1: The Ruby in the Smoke instroduces us to the main characters and develops their relationship through an adventure/mystery ala Sherlock Holmes. BOOK 2: The Shadow In The North lets Sally loose with her new found family as they get unwittingly get involved in another set of scams and find they all come together at one railway crossroad. BOOK 3: The Tiger In The Well -- will pick up where Book 2 left off; pay attention to BOOK 2 before you get into BOOK 3! This is important to keep all three books fresh by reading them back to back. Highly recommended series. If you like your ladies to be ladies but also not afraid to get their hands dirty or think out a plan, strong women characters, then you will fall in love with Pullman's Sally. After reading His Dark Materials, right up my alley for novels, didn't think I'd really like the Sally Trilogy. Wrong! It's the writer who makes you the fan for life.